Akaki Gurjidze – General Director, Chiatura Manganese Mine

Since 1998, Mr. Gurjidze has been deeply involved with the numerous facilities located at the Chiatura Manganese Mine. After earning his doctorate degree from Georgian Technical University, where his studies focused on the scientific reliability of underground mechanical fasteners, Mr. Gurjidze began his career at the mine with ChaturManganum JSC. After serving as the Deputy General Director overseeing human resources and finance/commerce, he was appointed ChaturManganum’s General Director in 2003. He served in this role until 2006, at which point he transitioned to serve as General Director for the new owner and operator of Chiatura Manganese Mine, Georgian Manganese.


Nikolai Bidniuk - First Deputy of Chiatura Manganese Mine, technical director

During 1974-1979 studied at Mining Institute of Dnepropetrovsk. In 1980-2007 worked at mining-concentrating enterprise of Orjonikidze. Since 2007 has been a technical director of Chiatura Mining-Concentrating Enterprise of LLC “Georgian Manganese”.


Gela Buzaladze - Head of Technical Service of Chiatura Manganese Mine

Graduated from Tbilisi Topographical College. In 1984-89 studied at the Georgian Technical University at the faculty of mining engineering. Since 1981 has been working at Chiatura Mining-Concentrating Enterprise. Worked as a welder, master, deputy surveyor, chief surveyor, deputy chief engineer. Since 2001 has been Head of Technical Service of Chiatura Mining-Concentrating Enterprise.


Irakli Petriashvili - Head of Personnel Department of Chiatura Manganese Mine

In 1998 graduated from the Tbilisi State Medical Institute, faculty of Pediatrics, in 2001 graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Faculty of law. In 2007 finished the course of financial management at training center “serma”. In 1998-2000 worked as a deputy governor of Signagi Region and dealt with social issues. In 2000-2003 worked at Tbilisi Anti-Monopoly Service as the head of Advertising Activity Regulation Department. In 2004-2009 worked as the head of Constitutional Security Department at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In 2009-2010- at Mtskheta Mtianeti Regional division of Ministry of Internal Affairs. In 2004-2007 as a security consultant of General Director at JSC “Madneuli”. In 2006-2009 as a security consultant of general director of LTD “Kvartsiti” From 2010 to 2013  worked at JSC “Silknet” as head of the Department of Clerical work and Monitoring and as the head of Regional Management Committee. Since 2013 the Head of Personnel Department of Chiatura Mining-Concentrating Enterprise.


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