The Brief history of Clinic “Feromed” Ltd. 


In 1933, as soon as the workshop N1 was opened at Zestafoni Ferro-Alloy Plant, the first health surgery started functioning too. Afterwards, along with the production development, additional health surgeries were opened, and in 1946, the so-called Medical Sanitary Unit (Medsan Unit) was built on the administration territory, which included policlinic as well as stationary service. It was an institution with a minor capacity for 15 beds in total, but the ambulatory service was limited with the specialists of the therapeutic profile.

In 1978, Zestafoni Ferro-Alloy Plant built a separate, broad-profile hospital "Medsan-natsili" (at present "Feromed" Ltd.) for 120 beds, including Policlinic service, which was composed of a therapeutic as well as the medical staff of all other narrow specialization.

In-patient service was developed in the surgical, traumatic, cardiac and urological directions.

Since 1980s, unique orthopedic operations have been performed in the traumatic and orthopedic directions, bone extension, straightening, plastic surgery in children's cerebral palsy, the operations which never used to be performed in other clinics throughout the country. In 1999-2001, the clinic "Feromed" collaborated with the children's homes, with congenital heart disease and bone deformities, and a number of successful operations were performed by means of which the quality of disability of the mentioned patients dramatically reduced.

In 1995, Cardiology Department was relocated from Zestafoni Central Hospital to "Medsan-natsili" and the Regional Cardiology Clinic opened on the base of the clinic, where for the first time in the region, the bloc of intense service was provided with the appropriate equipment on the level of the regional hospital. The department recruited highly qualified cardiologists and nurses of the appropriate qualifications and training, who still work in the clinic "Feromed" today.

Since 1997, “Medsan-natsili” was added service of emergency aid; the reception department and blood transfusion surgery were opened, which used to serve the population of Zestafoni, Kharagauli and Terjola and functioned as the regional hospital.

In addition, the volume of services in the direction of general surgery has increased since 1997. The clinic performed, and so does today, the full range of abdominal operations and oncological surgery and also operations in proctology, endocrinology, urology and  gynecology.

In 2004, Ferro Alloy Plant administration, included "Medsan-natsili" in its capital, founded the clinic "Feromed" Ltd., consequently, the clinic moved under Ferro Alloy Plant management and since 2008, it has been under "Georgian Manganese" management.

In 2004-2012, "Georgian Manganese" prepared and implemented the Investment Plan in order to satisfy the license conditions, within which the clinic was equipped with a new ultrasound device, breathing apparatus, tredimil, digital x-ray.

In 2013 -2014, the policlinic part of the clinic "Feromed" Ltd. was renovated, the functional and infra-structural arrangement of the laboratory was carried out and equipped with the new devices, the corresponding medical staff was trained. Since May 2014, the laboratory provides a wide range of services: in the clinical, biochemical, immunological, serological and bacteriological directions.

Today, the clinic "Feromed" serves "Georgian Manganese" employees and their family members, also the population of Zestafoni municipality and the patients of the surrounding regions.

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